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Here at Celiac Cruise we strive to provide our guests with a safe and worry-free cruise experience. From a dedicated gluten-free dining room to exclusive events and activities just for Celiac Cruise guests, we believe that Celiac Cruise is the perfect cruise vacation for those with celiac disease, a gluten allergy, or any type of gluten intolerance. 


Nothing makes us happier than seeing smiles on the faces of our guests who are able to safely experience eating from a buffet for the first time or who are able to choose anything (and everything) from the dining room menu without hesitation. Below you’ll find additional details about our sailing, but before you check out all of the info – check out the story of Emery, one of our inaugural guests, to see all the fun she had!




Booking Process

  • Please fill out the online booking form to pre-register for the sailing. After our team receives your form, someone will contact you as soon as possible (typically within 1-3 business days) to complete the booking, answer any questions you may have, and collect payment information for your deposit.  
  • Convenient payment plans are available if you prefer to pay in installments. Inquire with one of our team members when booking to set up your payment plan.  
  • Please email us at celiaccruise@totaltravelevents.com or call 866-499-4074 for additional information about booking your cabin!

Arrival and Departure

  • Passports are highly recommended for all guests for U.S. sailings and required for European sailings, and should be valid for at least six months following the date of return to the U.S. For U.S. sailings, alternate citizenship and identification documents may be accepted if a passport is not available, however some ports or shore excursions may require a passport to visit or participate. Please consult with a member of our team for more information.
  • We recommend arriving at the city of departure the day prior in order to avoid any potential day-of travel delays. Hotel options for pre-cruise nights will be provided for each sailing in advance of the sailing. For those arriving on the day of departure, you should plan on arriving at the port at your scheduled boarding time and no later than 2:00pm (or as otherwise communicated for your specific sailing). 
  • Our team is available for assistance with booking flights to and from the city of departure, with no additional cost to you! When making your final payment, please discuss with a member of our team if you are in need of assistance. 
  • Ships arrival and clearance typically begins around 8:00am and ends by 11:00am, and we recommend booking flights home no earlier than 1:00pm (or later, if there is a long travel time from the port to the airport). Specific details for each sailing will be communicated to our booked guests and if there are any questions you can reach out to a member of our team at any time. 

Food and Beverage

  • Celiac Cruise includes all meals, entertainment, port charges, government taxes & fees, and Celiac Cruise programming. Select alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also included, depending on sailing. For additional details, ask our team.
    • Alcoholic beverages are not included on Royal Caribbean sailings. Beverage packages are available and do include gluten-free special offerings (beers and liquors) exclusive to Celiac Cruise guests.
  • Royal Caribbean, Oceania,  and AmaWaterways take celiac disease very seriously. Crew members responsible for your food and beverage experience will be undergoing specific training preceding our sailing to ensure they understand the needs of those with celiac disease as well as understand the precautions necessary to eliminate risks of cross-contact/contamination.
  • Royal Caribbean, Oceania, and AmaWaterways will designate a dedicated food and beverage team for the main dining room who will be preparing and serving your food and beverage all cruise long.
  • Dedicated Celiac Cruise menus are created in partnership with Royal Caribbean, Oceania, and AmaWaterways’ culinary team to offer guests multiple options that change daily – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other gluten-free snacks!  
  • Royal Caribbean, Oceania, and AmaWaterways are prepared to accommodate additional dietary restrictions in addition to celiac/gluten-free items. Vegan, nut-free, low FODMAP, and dairy-free diets can be accommodated. However, please make such dietary restrictions known to us when you book your cruise so that we can provide that information to Royal Caribbean, Oceania, and AmaWaterways in the weeks leading up to the cruise.
  • All gluten-free food is prepared in a safe environment, including a completely gluten-free kitchen galley in our main dining room. Additionally, all fried foods are prepared in dedicated gluten-free fryers. 
  • Royal Caribbean, Oceania, and AmaWaterways prepare their own gluten-free bread onboard, baked daily each morning in specific ovens. Some additional gluten-free products from some of our favorite brands may be available as well.
  • On Royal Caribbean’s private destinations, Perfect Day at Coco Cay and Labadee, we will have specific dining options and venues available to Celiac Cruise guests. There will be several different options when on the island to enjoy a delicious, gluten-free lunch – including gluten-free ice cream cones!
  • Speaking of ice cream – the ice cream station on the pool deck (on applicable sailings) will have gluten-free ice cream cones and/or disposable bowls so that you can enjoy a tasty snack as you bask in the sun.
  • For those guests joining us who are not eating gluten-free, all non-dedicated venues on the ship for Royal Caribbean sailings are available to you for you to enjoy (some specialty venues do have a cover charge). Our AmaWaterways sailings are 100% gluten-free, however even our non gluten-free guests are going to love how delicious the food is!   

Orientation and Events

  • After boarding the ship, make your way to the Conference Center (or designated venue) where the Celiac Cruise staff will welcome you aboard, provide you with your credentials, and answer any questions you may have about your cruise. A representative from the food and beverage team will also be available at this time to discuss any specific dietary restrictions or concerns.
  • Multiple events for adults, families, and children will be scheduled throughout the cruise to provide an opportunity to socialize, learn, and have fun! These are included in the cost of your cruise!
  • Celiac Cruise will also have numerous medical, food, and lifestyle specialists with extensive knowledge of celiac disease onboard to present research and learning opportunities for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Specific events, speakers, and programming will be released and posted on our website as these events are finalized.
  • Celiac Cruise will offer specific activities for children with a focus on gluten-free lifestyle. These may include crafts, cooking demonstrations, and/or social opportunities.
  • Select shore excursions in each port of call are included on all AmaWaterways sailings, with additional offerings available in select ports of call at an additional cost. Shore excursions on Royal Caribbean and Oceania sailings are available at an additional cost.
  • WiFi and/or in-app messaging services are available on all Royal Caribbean sailings at an additional cost, either pre-cruise (often at a discounted rate) or onboard. AmaWaterways sailings include internet access complimentary. Oceania sailings vary, please see specific pages for more information.
“No one should have to feel different or restricted on their vacation. We want our passengers to enjoy everything the ship has to offer, and that is the goal for our guests with Celiac Disease”

– Royal Caribbean Executive Team

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