Celiac Cruise Alaska Pre-Registration Form

Ovation of the Seas
Seattle, WA

Thank you for your interest in Celiac Cruise Alaska onboard the Ovation of the Seas, August 2024! Please complete the registration form below and a member of our travel services team will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Important: Please be sure to provide passenger details exactly as they appear on your passport or other citizenship documents.

Alaska 2024 Pre-Registration Form

Reservation Details

Please select a stateroom type and total number of passengers sailing in your stateroom. Most staterooms can accommodate up to 4 passengers, however some suites and larger staterooms can accommodate more.

Passenger Details

Please provide passenger details exactly as they appear on their passport or alternate citizenship documents. 

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Gluten-Free Beer

Celiac Cruise is proud to partner with Holidaily Brewing Company to bring their quality, gluten-free craft beer to our sailings as the official beer of Celiac Cruise! In order to ensure we have enough Holiday onboard, please let us know how many in your party will likely consume Holidaily during this sailing. 

Personal Responsibility Policy

By sailing with Celiac Cruise, you are accepting the following: This cruise is not 100% free from any potential allergens, including gluten, as it is a multi-use venue in its entirety. Only items prepared and served in our private dining room at our assigned dining time(s) are considered contained in the 100% gluten-free environment. Not ALL items onboard this cruise are completely gluten-free. All passengers must be aware of their health situation, take appropriate precautions, and carry any necessary medication(s). All gluten-free products could contain other allergens, so we encourage you to speak directly with your server and communicate any additional allergies with them directly. While Royal Caribbean takes great pride in being able to provide safe gluten-free food and beverages in all of its venues upon request, as with any shared environment there is a chance of cross-contact, so please exercise caution as you would in any venue outside of our dining room. You know your health situation better than anyone else. The food and ingredients of the cruise are not endorsed in any way by the cruise organizers. Celiac Cruise has taken great lengths to investigate and observe the procedures and practices of the cruise line and have reported those with transparency. Celiac Cruise, Total Travel and Events, invited guests, and sponsors take no responsibility for the validity of the gluten-free nature of any products served onboard the ship. I understand it is my responsibility to make gluten-free choices and/or ask questions for any food and beverages consumed outside our dedicated gluten-free dining room. When in doubt, please ask your server or the chef for clarification.

Direct Booking Policy

I understand that our designated dining room is a private gluten-free venue. In order to have access to our gluten-free dining room, menu and events, I must book my cruise directly through Celiac Cruise. Failing to do so will result in a dining room assignment in a venue that is NOT dedicated gluten-free. This also includes friends and family that want to sail with me.

Health and Safety Policy

I understand that while vaccination is currently not required to sail, health and safety requirements related to COVID-19 in place by Royal Caribbean and each specific country are subject to change and I will be required to adhere to any such requirements in order to sail.